Wart removal, is the purchase worth it? Read on!

There is a great deal of uncertainty, and I have tried many products and found none of them useful. I will try to keep this page as complete as possible.

Please don't use any of these products as a substitute for a doctor's prescription for warts. The best warts medicine can be bought for less than $3.50 a piece at some health food stores. Here are links to products that may be of help. These links will be updated frequently as new companies join this list. You may also find a listing of products on this page. A recent blog post on the health benefits of using ointment for warts. Ointment can be used as a warts treatment, as well as as a skin-cleansing agent. If you live in Canada, the following company offers the best ointment for warts.

They offer an excellent range of products including creams and lotions, both topical and non-skin-washing. The prices are reasonable and the service is fast. The customer service is top-notch. Some other companies offer topical ointments and other products but these products don't fit into this category. Products containing oils.

Oil products contain natural essential oils, which include citrus, lavender, ylang ylang, lavender flower and many other herbs. There are a number of companies offering oil products.

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